Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Six Marsh Hawk poets represented the press at the AWP book fair in Chicago March 24th through the 27th: Sharon Dolin, Chard deNiord, Rochelle Ratner, Harriet Zinnes, Susan Terris and Sandy McIntosh. Our seventh MH attendee was Barbara McIntosh, accountant and office manager. This was our second AWP, and the first time for us to display our new six-foot banner with giant Marsh Hawk logo, and book rack filled with our seventeen titles (see our website at http://www.marshhawkpress.org for a photo). We met a great number of people—readers and poets—and to promote our books, as well as our First Annual Poetry Prize contest (see http://www.marshhawkpress.org/Contests%20and%20Submissions.htm). Everyone who attended was gratified by the praise we heard for our books—their contents and design—and by the fact that most everyone there knew of our press and the quality of the work we publish.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Please come visit us during the AWP Bookfair, which lasts from March 24-27 in Chicago. We will be at Table #30. Our convivial Managing Editor Sandy McIntosh, along with various other Marsh Hawk Press authors, will be happy to meet with you. In any event, all of our books will be available for your reading (and hopefully purchasing) pleasure!

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Katherine Sarkis at CLMP today gave us the good news that Marsh Hawk Press has been awarded a Regrant from the New York State Council on the Arts, through CLMP. The award is to support the press' administrative expenses. We thank NYSCA, CLMP and Katherine.

Simultaneously with the award announcement, Katherine told us that she is leaving CLMP. Thanks to her for her generous help and intelligent encouragement. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Sunday, March 14, 2004


Comments on Basil King’s MIRAGE

“[Basil King] would have us believe that fact can be sufficient poetry -- a claim that underlies much of our best poetry....but King adds that if the fact is not already in the world it is the artist’s option (prerogative?) to place it there.
.... It is the imagination, not merely a theory of the imagination, that is in charge here.”
-- John O’Connor, Talisman #27.

Mirage will leave the reader with a greater understanding and appreciation of the visual arts of our time.”
--Jason R. Macey, Et Al, December 2003.

“A great pleasure and adventure to read, from Blitz to art to spirit.”
-- Ron Padgett

“Essential symmetry of experience which has gone against both the metronome and arrhythmia and beyond the ornamentation of inessentials in so much present writing. It helps to have had one’s hands covered with paint. Someone, after a long life, is standing at the door of some facet of wisdom.”
-- Nathaniel Tarn

“It is a remarkable work/weave...with the sure touch of one who knows what he is talking about.”
-- Ted Enslin

“Having meditated on pigment all his life seems to have given King an in on the use of words that transcends the vision of people who’ve spent all their time wrestling with words alone.”
-- Dora Fitzgerald

“There is something cumulative about the formal engagements, starting with the thin column ... and returning to this often through with an increasing tendency to work through repetitions. And then the different syntactical abutments at the end of the paragraph blocks....I think it is terrific.
-- John Hall

– And more Basil King publications:

traverse – Winter, 2004 (140 East Concordia, Milwaukee, WI 53212) : cover drawing “Homage to Robert Duncan” and a long poem, “Looking for a Face in Akbar’s Court”.

Lungfull! Number 13, Spring, 2004 (316 23rd Street, Brooklyn, NY ll215): “Be Adam. Be Eve.” – excerpt from Learning to Draw (work in progress).


Eileen Tabios recently released a new poetry e-chap published by Ken Gurney's Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry. Entitled CRUCIAL BLISS EPILOGUES (CBE), the chap contains two poetic series that also are scheduled to appear in Eileen's next book with Marsh Hawk: I TAKE THEE, ENGLISH, FOR MY BELOVED. CBE includes a reading of one of Eileen's poems by Ron Silliman. Here's publisher Ken Gurney's notice:.

Dear Poets & Poetry Fans --

Today (12 MAR 2004) at an early hour I posted Eileen Tabios' e-chapbook, Crucial Bliss Epilogues, to the Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry website.

Live a good poem...

-- Kenneth P. Gurney, editor


Here's a sample poem from the chap, first printed in Ambit (Eds. kari edwards and Christophe Cassamasima):

Pink Lemonade

I predicted your indifference, and I say it now as if articulation provides comfort.

Call an island “Isla Mujeres” and half of the population will always be sad, and half of that sad half will always be bitter.

Still, light finds a dance floor against this field of abandoned stones.

Some pillow still shields a stray tooth because a mother’s fairy tale was believed.

We say, there’s no need to limit your search for comfort among the footnotes.

On Isla Mujeres, 25% of the population may be sad but no acid scrawls graffiti against the walls of their bellies.

Women may be like fireflies -- they constellate and then, for a moment, they all go dark at once.

But, inevitably, one will go shopping for a pink clochard.

A pink coyote with an extra cherry.

Circlet of pink sapphires to dangle (insouciantly) from a wrist.

More than one will proclaim, “Hell, it’ll take more than that for me to stop wearing red high heels!”

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


SPD RECOMMENDS: NEW TITLES for Feb 21-March 5, 2004
ORDERS: 1-800-869-7553

FAX: 1-510-524-0852
Try Electronic
Ordering! SPD is on PUBNET (SAN #106-6617)
Questions? Contact Brent Cunningham at brent@spdbooks.org

by Ratner, Rochelle
$15.00 / PA / pp.99
Marsh Hawk Press, 2003
ISBN: 0-9724785-2-3
Poetry. "Here are the private musings of a seasoned poet, most often over domestic realities uttered matter-of-factly," Barry Wallenstein writes. "However, these lyrics are elevated into a poetry of metaphoric potential." HOUSE AND HOME, Ratner's first full-length collection in twelve years, is definitely worth waiting for. These poems chart the poet's course as she moves from the city to a country house, from the country to a new apartment and a new relationship, trying to hold life and career in balance. As Rochelle Owens says, "The writing's great virtue is its physicality of place and time-a fusion of word and map of nature drawn by a uniquely original poet." Ratner, Executive Editor of The American Book Review, has published two novels and thirteen books of poetry.

For information on Rochelle's book at SPD's web site, click on:

Thursday, March 04, 2004


Just in time for National Poetry Month, the latest issue of American Book Review contains Miriam Sagan’s review of Sharon Dolin’s Serious Pink and Patricia Carlin’s Original Green. Dolin’s book, based on paintings, is “fascinating in that it both brings certain paintings to life and inspires the reader to try and see the original.” She describes Carlin’s poems as “crafted and contained; their emotion is compressed and restrained but vital nonetheless.”

Marsh Hawk authors Rochelle Ratner and Harriet Zinnes will be participating on a panel, “Reviewing Reviewing,” at the AWP Conference. The panel is scheduled for 1:00-2:30 in Parlor G.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Issue 18 (Feb. 2004) of xSTREAM: Experimental Poetry Magazine features four poems by Eileen R. Tabios and two poems by Thomas Fink. Issue 27 of TALISMAN: A Journal of Poetry and Poetics (Winter 2003) includes Corinne Robins' poem "Suprematism," a review of Basil King's MIRAGE by John O'Connor, and an essay by Thomas Fink entitled, "Poetry, Charm, and More: Billy Collins and Mei-mei Berssenbrugge."

Recently, Thomas Fink has also published 3 new poems and an article, "'No Other Sentence Could Have Followed This': Ron Silliman's Tjanting" in TITANIC OPERAS, Folio Two(2004), as well as a review of Timothy Liu's HARD EVIDENCE in DRUNKEN BOAT 6; an article, "David Shapiro's 'Possibilist' Poetry," and a review of Joanna Fuhrman's UGH UGH OCEAN in JACKET 24 (November 2003); a review of Harryette Mullen's Sleeping with the Dictionary in CONFRONTATION 84/85 (Fall 2003/Winter 2004): 318-319; poems in WORD FOR WORD 5 (Winter 2004); and a poem in PETTYCOAT RELAXER 3 (February 2004).

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