Wednesday, June 28, 2006


by Steve Fellner, Aaron Belz and Andrea Cohen -- respectively the winner and Honorable Mention awardees for Marsh Hawk Press' Third Annual Poetry Prize competition are now posted at Marsh Hawk Press' web site. Direct link here. Please to read and enjoy!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


We Are Pleased to Announce that

Steve Fellner

has won Marsh Hawk Press’s Third Annual Poetry Prize for his manuscript Blind Date with Cavafy. The Prize includes a $1,000.00 award and publication of the book.

Aaron Belz and Andrea Cohen
were awarded Honorable Mentions.

Additionally, forty Finalists will be congratulated via First Class mail.

The award is given annually for a book length collection of poems of 48-70 pages and publication of the book is the following spring.

The final judge was Denise Duhamel.

Denise writes: "Steve Fellner’s poetry is spunky, raw, immediate, and utterly compelling. Blind Date with Cavafy serves up hilarious pathos and devastating humor. Bleak, deadpan, enthusiastic, earnest: Steve Fellner’s book is all of these things, sometimes all of these things in one poem, sometimes all of these things in one line. His “Self-Portrait” at the center of the book pushes the conventions of the post-confessional, transgressive impulse. The poems in Blind Date with Cavafy shimmer with vulnerability, leaps, and dizzying riffs."

Friday, June 09, 2006


Ed Foster is a participant in the following event, to which you are invited:

The Romanian/American translation
& literary exchange program

A literary café and book launch evening
to celebrate the publication of

Locul Nimanui/ Naming the Nameless
(Cartea româneasc , Bucharest, 2006)

"Unul dintre evenimentele editoriale ale acestui an va fi, cu siguran, aparari a. . . . ." ("The publication of this book is one of the most important editorial events of the year. . . .") –Scrisul Românesc

Opening remarks: Corina Suteu, director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York
Presentation by the editors: Edward Foster, Carmen Firan, and Paul Doru Mugur

Readings by poets in the anthology including Geoffrey O'Brien, Anselm Berrigan, John Yau, Murat Nemet-Nejat, Leslie Scalapino, Eileen Miles, Simon Pettet, Joseph Donahue, Edward Foster, and Tod Thilleman with readings of the Romanian versions by Romanian writers and translators.

Saturday, June 10, 7 pm,
The Auditorium (2nd floor)
The Romanian Cultural Institute in New York
200 East 38th Street (3rd Avenue),
New York, NY 10016

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Rochelle Ratner sends this message, affecting some chaps of other Marsh Hawk poets:

Since December 2000, Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry has been a strong online presence. Editor Kenneth P. Gurney published 38 issues online (and 6 in print). In addition, he published 53 e-books and chapbooks (including 3 of my own). TMPoetry was taken offline in June 2006. In an attempt to fill a deep void, I've moved some of those chapbooks to this site: CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS:

Kenneth P. Gurney: Deliberately Watching
Kenneth P. Gurney: Limbo
Sandy McIntosh: Obsessional
Simon Perchik: Words Between Earth and Water
Paul Pines: New Orleans Variations
Paul Pines: Songs from the Page of Swords
Paul Pines: Taxidancing
Paul Pines: Voyage
Rochelle Ratner: Lady Pinball
Rochelle Ratner: Newsreal: 2003
Rochelle Ratner: Tellings
Eileen Tabios: Crucial Bliss Epilogues

From Rochelle Ratner

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