Tuesday, August 28, 2012


which Paul Pines books and hosts -- which he's done for almost 30 years now! It's a beautiful outdoor venue on the lake, and FREE! The roster is world class, including many Downbeat & Grammy award nominees.

More information at this url: http://www.lakegeorgearts.org/lakegeorge-jazz.htm

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Madeline Tiger has released a new book: From The Viewing Stand (Dos Madres Press, 2012).

Congratulations to Madeline and you can go HERE for more information.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


DARK TIMES FILLED WITH LIGHT: The Selected Poems of Juan Gelman, translated from the Spanish by Hardie St. Martin, is newly out from Open Letter Books. Paul Pines provides an introduction to what he calls "the strongest work in English by this living master, translated by a late master of the idiom." More information is available at:



Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Eileen Tabios' and j/j hastain's collaboration, the relational elations of     ORPHANED ALGEBRA receives  a review by Zvi A. Sesling in Boston Area Small Press & Poetry Scene!  Here's an excerpt:

[Tabios] states, “…how could I not be moved by orphans – how could I remain a poet and not write about orphans? Thus, the “ORPHANED ALGEBRA” poems.

In an essay entitled "Engaging My Trans', hastain states, “I identify as Trans/Genderqueer (both in terms of physiology as well as text). …I speak of my own philosophies of Trans as someone who identifies as Trans. By Trans I mean never only feminine nor only masculine. I mean that you need you to not need me to be solely a woman or a man. I mean embodied-motility. I mean morphability. I mean mutability. I mean please inquire tenderly before assuming. I mean please have your desire to contact me be rooted in our working collaboratively to create future spaces that can include an even celebrate all bodies that in any way transgress the social norm.

As Tabios explains, “Indeed, j/j is moved by xir own circumstances to create new pronouns to reflect xirself. While, as reflected in references to xir, j/j currently uses such pronouns as “xir” and “xe” to reflect “gender free” pronouns that are socially accepted.

And I will stop here and simply urge readers to read and re-read this most fascinating of books I have engaged in a long time. Read and learn so many new ways.
You can see the entire REVIEW HERE!


“Basil’s Arc – The Paintings and Poetics of Basil King” will be presented at Anthology Film Archives (Maya Deren Theatre) on September 22, 2012 from noon to 6pm.

A celebration of the visual art of Basil King, now in his 77th year, the program includes conversations on King’s art (illustrated with slides) by noted critics and poets, original music inspired by his images and his texts and will culminate in the debut screening of Basil King: Mirage, a film portrait created by Nicole Peyrafitte and Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, commissioned by the Friends of Basil King.

What does it mean when a small group of poets join together to create such an event? While a growing circle of readers recognize and cherish King’s inventive literary output, exhibitions of his visual art have been confined to “literary” venues—Poets House, the Poetry Project, the Bowery Poetry Club, the old Gotham Bookmart.

The Friends – Mitch Highfill, Vincent Katz, Burt Kimmelman, Martha King, and Kimberly Lyons—are determined to introduce his visual art to a wider audience.

King’s syncretic aesthetics have been shaped by his early childhood in WWII London, friendship with poets of the San Francisco Renaissance, Abstract Expressionist painters and poets in New York, and mentors and friends at Black Mountain College, including Robert Creeley, Charles Olson, and John Wieners. His past 40 years have been spent in studios in Brooklyn where King continues to live, paint, and write poetry. His most recent writing, complementing his prodigious output of paintings, is the book, Learning to Draw/A History (Skylight Press, 2012) and chapbooks from Cy Gist and fewer & further Press. He has also continued his history of providing art for small press poetry publications by friends and colleagues.

Participants in the program at Anthology include Edna Augusta, William Benton, Laurie Duggan, Tom Fink, Paolo Javier, Andrew Levy, Harry Lewis, Tom Patterson, George Quasha, Barry Schwabsky, and each of the Friends.

For more information about Basil King’s work visit www.basilking.net and the blog,
www blog.basilking.net.

For program details, contact Kimberly Lyons, at kimlyons32@gmail.com

For reserved seats for critics or members of the press, call Kimberly at 646-438-5559

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