Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Announcing Two New Annual Awards 

The Marsh Hawk Press
Robert Creeley Memorial Prize

The Marsh Hawk Press
Rochelle Ratner Memorial Prize

The prizes are awarded as part of the annual Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize contest to the two top finalists in that contest, judged by the final contest judge. The prizes are cash awards of $250 each. All contest entrants are automatically eligible for the awards without an additional fee.


Robert Creeley (1926 - 2005), author of fifteen collections of poetry and recipient of honors including the Frost Medal and the Shelly Memorial Award, was a valued member of our Artistic Advisory Board, which he joined with the founding of the press in 2001.

Rochelle Ratner, a Marsh Hawk Press author as well as editor, passed away Monday, March 31, 2008. She was 59 years old. She published more than twenty-three books of poetry and fiction and greatly encouraged writers of her generation and her colleagues at the press.


The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) Black Studies program discussed Dear Hero, on their blog. The LINK is at http://www.culturalfront.org/2013/07/initial-notes-on-jason-mccalls-dear-hero.html for pleasurable eavesdropping:

And an excerpt:

Dear Hero, is evidence that McCall is immersed in the worlds of superheroes. And more. At a few different points, he mentions the vexed relationship between comic book narratives and their black audiences. In "Because Black Kids Can Read," he assumes the voices of African American characters who possess special powers, who are "Like Iron Man,/ but with more guns and less / brains or the Green Lantern who willed / himself out of the ghetto." In the guise of War Machine, Falcon, or Steel, he "won't save the day," but will "only keep the action going" while the lead (white) hero "recalibrates his armor."

Toward the end of the volume, McCall has a series of poems about blockbuster movies with their superheroes coming to Tuscaloosa, where McCall lives and works. Thor, X-Men, the Lantern, Transformers, Captain America, and Conan all make their appearances. And we know this because they're there in McCall's volume.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Paul Pines' latest Marsh Hawk Press book, DIVINE MADNESS, is reviewed by Fred Muratori in the Summer/Fall issue of Notre Dame Review. You can access the review at


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